The leading pro-family conservative political action committee in Illinois.

Founded in 1992, Family-Pac has quickly become the leading pro-family, anti-tax political action committee in Illinois. Family-Pac has spent more than $1.7 million dollars to elect pro-family candidates committed to low taxes and limited government in Springfield.

Family-Pac’s extensive grassroots lobbying efforts resulting in thousands of calls to legislators has played an important role in killing many proposed Illinois tax increases and pro-abortion legislation. In 2009, Family-Pac led the fight to defeat a progressive income tax in Illinois. In 1997, we were instrumental in passing a partial birth abortion ban that was upheld in Federal Court. Now we prepare for the battle to stop further Illinois tax increases. This year, we are actively opposing HB 40, which would allow for taxpayer funded abortions in Illinois.

Family-Pac’s Campaign Colleges featuring many nationwide campaign experts and leading conservatives have trained more than 275 conservative candidates in how to organize a successful grassroots campaign.

The highlight of the year for Family-Pac members is our Annual Boat Cruise held on Lake Michigan. Past Honorees on the cruise have included David Schippers, Penny Pullen, Congressman Peter Roskam, Sandy Rios, Phyllis Schlafly, Senator Tom Coburn, Senator Jim DeMint, Lt. Col. Allen West, and David Barton.

Family-Pac Director Paul Caprio with 2008 Honoree
Phyllis Schlafly (L) and talk show host Sandy Rios (R)

Every year, Family-Pac members receive a Legislative Directory to help you in lobbying state officials to support our pro-life, anti-new taxes agenda. Family-Pac publishes an Illinois legislator rating to inform members on how Illinois politicians have voted on key issues of interest to us.

Family-Pac leaders often appear on key public affairs radio and television shows to speak out for pro-life and conservative values.

Please join Family-Pac on the front lines of the battles for tradition values and limited government in Illinois. Become a Family-Pac member today.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin receives Family-Pac
Man of the Year Award

Senator Jim DeMint receiving 2010 Family-Pac Man of the Year award. Senator Demint (L) Paul Caprio (M)
John McEnroe (R)