2016 Primary Endorsements

State Senate                                       

District     Name                        Party

19th         Max Solomon              D

25th         Jim Oberweis              R*

26th         Dan McConchie          R

50th         Bryce Benton               R

55th         Dale Righter                R*

58th         Sharee Langenstein     R


State House                                        

District      Name                         Party

37th           Margo McDermed        R*

42nd          Jeanne Ives                    R*

46th           Heidi Holan                   R

47th           Patricia Bellock             R*

52nd          David McSweeney        R*

53rd           David Harris                 R*

54th           Tom Morrison               R*

59th           Dawn Abernathy          R

61st           Sheri Jesiel                    R*

66th           Allen Skillicorn             R**

66th           Dan Wilbrandt              R**

66th           Paul Serwatka               R**

68th           John Cabello                 R*

69th           Joe Sosnowski                R*

70th           Robert Pritchard           R*

74th           Daniel Swanson            R

76th           Jerry Lee Long             R

84th           Mike Strick                   R

88th           Keith Sommer              R*

89th           Brian Stewart               R

93rd           Norine Hammond         R*

94th           Randy Frese                 R*

95th           Avery Bourne               R*

97th           Mark Batinick               R*

100th         R C.D. Davidsmeyer    R*

101st         Bill Mitchell                  R*

102nd        Brad Halbrook              R*

107th         John Cavaletto              R*

109th         David Reis                    R*

110th         Reggie Phillips              R*

112th         Dwight Kay                  R*

115th         Terri Bryant                  R*


 *  Pro-Family incumbents who have completed I.F.I. questionnaire and have sufficient voting records have been endorsed regardless of primary opposition.

**  Co-endorsement in State Rep. District 66



 Additional endorsements will follow in General Election.