Springfield Update

Same Sex Marriage Passes in Springfield

For Immediate Release:                                            Contact: Paul Caprio
Tuesday, November 5, 2013                                              (312) 670-4238

            (Chicago) At 4:02 PM (CST) today, the Illinois House passed SB10, which legalizes same sex marriage. For over one year, Family-Pac has devoted major efforts to stopping this bill, which will have a detrimental effect on family life across the state. The vote was 61-54 with three abstentions. Three Republicans, Ed Sullivan, Ron Sandack, and former House Minority Leader Tom Cross provided the margin of victory.

             Paul Caprio reacted by saying, "The battle over same sex marriage is far from over, just as the battle over the right to life after a wrong Supreme Court decision in 1973 did not end the abortion issue." Family-Pac commends all the members of the Illinois Coalition to Protect Children and Marriage, the African American Clergy Coalition, the Illinois Family Institute, and the Catholic Conference of Illinois as well as the hundreds of thousands of people of faith who stood up and fought the homosexual agenda on this important issue. Today evil triumphed, but we will continue to stand for Christian-based moral values, even if opposed by the power and dictates of the state of Illinois. Individual religious freedom is the reason that this country was created in the first place and we will always stand in defense of it. 


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