Bill of Particulars

The following Bill of Particulars was unanimously endorsed on 9 October 2017 by representatives of 20 statewide pro-life and pro-family organizations at a meeting in Chicago.

Bill of Particulars

  1. Whereas the 2016 platforms of both the national and Illinois Republican parties clearly state their opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion.

  2. Whereas the Republican members of the Illinois House and Senate have expressed their united opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion as expressed in House Bill 40.

  3. Whereas the duly-elected Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, after making several public promises to veto House Bill 40, shockingly, caved to pressure from radical abortion extremists and signed this dastardly legislation into law on September 27, 2017.

  4. Whereas every Republican member of the Illinois Congressional Delegate called upon Rauner to veto HB 40

Therefore, we the assembled leaders of 20 pro-life, pro-family statewide organizations in Illinois state the following:

  1. We hereby express a vote of “no confidence” in Governor Bruce Rauner.

  2. We hereby state that Governor Bruce Rauner, were he to seek re-election for the office of Governor, will not have our support in either a Republican primary or in the General Election of 2018.

  3. We state that we will support a candidate or candidates for governor who are publically committed to the repeal of House Bill 40 in 2018 Republican primary and, if required, in the 2018 general election.

  4. We further state that we will support only candidates for public office who are publically committed to the repeal of House Bill 40.

  5. We encourage the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, other Christian churches, Jewish people, and other people of Faith throughout Illinois to demand of their local public officials a public commitment to support the repeal of House Bill 40.

  6. We ask people of Faith throughout Illinois to join us in prayer for the souls of the many innocent victims of abortion including the unborn, the women victimized, and their families who will suffer as a result of the pen of Governor Bruce Rauner.